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Fiesty. High Energy. Dance workouts. 

Come ready to sweat and laugh. Located in Boulder CO. In-person and virtual classes available.

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Sunay Pop Up Class
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Come Dance!

Classes available in-person and virtually

Join us for a fun, full-body dance workout with a warm-hearted group of Ayreheads. Classes incorporate original choreography, varied dance styles and soulful upbeat music. All ages and skill levels welcome. 


Join The Community

A shared appreciation for dance and community has brought Ayreheads together for years. This is a caring, fun and welcoming bunch!

Different levels are demonstrated during the songs to keep both beginning and experienced dancers challenged.

Words From Happy Dancers

Juliet goes well beyond teaching a class where movement is simply mimicked. This class invites a mover to bring one's own interpretation and level of movement within the framework of a supportive class environment. The tone she shares with the class is infectious and longtime students warmly greet newcomers and enhance the experience with their enthusiasm.


I've danced most of my life and Juliet's classes are some of my all-time favorites. Fun, high energy and lots of laughter.


It's the best medicine around!


"Juliet brings creativity, humor and joy into her unique style of AyreDance and encourages us to bring sass, fun and expression.


We lovingly refer to it as

Th-AYRE-apy for a reason!

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