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About Ayre

Meet Juliet

Juliet Seskind launched ayre in 2012, and has been teaching dance movement classes for over twenty years.  Juliet has a formal background in dance, having been a member of the Boulder ballet community for many years. Her original choreography draws from world, hip hop, disco, jazz, ballet, contemporary and martial arts.


Juliet teaches in-person dance classes every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday at 9am and Saturday at 9:30am.  All classes are streamed virtually, with an additional virtual only class every Wednesday at 9am. Your first class is free.  Click on "Book a Class" below.


What To Expect

Each class begins with a warm-up, gradually building to a full cardio and strengthening workout, ending with slower cool-down movements. Levels are demonstrated on the moveto meet the needs of both beginning and experienced dancers. Everyone is welcome!

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