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Halloween Flash Mob 2023!

Get ready for the 16th annual halloween flashmob!

When - Saturday, Oct 28th, pre-dance party at 8pm, flashmob at 8:30pm

Where - in front of Japango, 1136 Pearl St, Boulder, CO 80302 Pearl Street Mall

Costume - halloween costume of your choosing.

Whether you are joining us for the first time, or refreshing your moves, it's never too soon to begin practicing. Flash mob dance tutorial videos are provided below for you to learn the moves. There are 4 videos: A full Mash-up from start to finish, and then 3 videos with the individual song choreography.

Juliet will run through the flashmob dance whenever possible after class (as long as there is not another class waiting to use the space).

There will be at least one in-person rehearsal TBD close to the flashmob date. The in-person rehearsals are offered to provide support with the choreography, and to help us sharpen our timing and performance. You are not required to attend the in-person rehearsals in order to participate in the flashmob.

More information coming soon.

Full Mash-up Tutorial:

I'm Your Boogie Man tutorial:

Thriller tutorial:

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